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Scale Your Small Business: 5 Key Growth Strategies

What Does Growth Mean to You? When you say that you want to grow your business what exactly do you mean? Most of us assume when we say growth we mean revenue growth, so let’s assume for a minute that you want to grow your revenues and profit. Many business owners focus on getting more […]

Why You Need Strategy for Small Business Growth

Strategy before Tactics Most small businesses start with an idea. Often it’s a good or even great idea and the founders hit the ground running. If they have not had to raise capital during the launch process, chances are they have not created a strategic plan, or maybe any plan at all. They don’t have […]

How Long it Takes to Build Consistent Growth with the Pumpkin Plan

It takes time to build your dream business, but consistent work pays off with consistent growth. Just ask Adam McKee, owner of Contemporary Woods Furniture in Nebraska. Contemporary Woods provides custom woodworking for cabinetry and furniture. When he purchased the company, he thought he had a business that would grow without much work. Soon into […]

Motivate Your Employees to Pumpkin Plan Your Business

Implementing the Pumpkin Plan After reading The Pumpkin Plan: A Simple Strategy to Grow a Remarkable Business in Any Field by Mike Michalowicz in 2017, Charlotte Wasmer, founder of Virtual Partner Advantage (VPA), knew she needed to implement the business growth strategies from the book into her business. The question was, where to begin? Charlotte […]

Business Coaching: Expense or Investment?

Do your clients see your services as an investment or an expense? If you are a business professional, such as a coach, consultant or accountant who provides services to small businesses, the answer to this question is key to your growth potential. What is the difference? Aren’t those terms interchangeable? No! The underlying beliefs around […]

The Business Strategy that Changes Lives

Successful but Miserable Christeen Era was a successful business owner with a thriving business. And she was miserable. She had built her business from scratch. But there were elements of the business that she just hated. She had clients that made her life miserable on a regular basis. Sometimes she didn’t even want to answer […]