Is Pumpkin Plan Certification for you?

If you work with small businesses and entrepreneurs, and any of the following sounds familiar, go ahead, fill out the application and let's have a conversation

You are just starting out in your coaching or consulting business

You love working with small businesses, and you know that training, access to business tools, and certification in a proven process will give you the jumpstart you need to launch your successful business.

You are spinning your wheels

You are working hard in your coaching business, but you are not creating the income, financial freedom and peace of mind that you want and deserve. You know that offering a proven step by step program would streamline your operations and make it easier to enroll clients.

You are tired of going it alone

Growing your coaching business has become frustrating and stressful, and you long for that feeling of excitement that you felt when you first started. You can see yourself as part of a highly motivated community of business strategists who will help make growing your coaching business fun again.

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Joining the Pumpkin Plan Certification program has been just what my business needed. I was looking for a structure that the entrepreneur could relate to and use as a manual for their business. The Pumpkin Plan has all the ingredients that make it ideal for the small business entrepreneur to embrace – ease of understanding, easy adoptability, guidance and support every step of the way, and a lot of common sense. I would certainly recommend this program to anyone who believes in the power of small business.
Jayanthi HariCertified Pumpkin Plan StrategistAscence Coaching and Consulting

Since its publication in 2012, The Pumpkin Plan has helped countless businesses to stop struggling and experience extraordinary growth

Yes – many business owners are able to implement the strategies on their own…

BUT many others need outside help and guidance.

That’s where you come in!

Join our Pumpkin Plan Strategist Community and:

  • Offer a proven growth system that produces extraordinary results for your clients’ and your own business
  • Participate in an exclusive community of highly effective business strategists and learn from their experience
  • Enjoy the credibility that comes with a proven system
  • Streamline your operations for greater income and more freedom
  • Gain the confidence that comes with expert training and ongoing support

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If you…

Are as passionate as we are about supporting small businesses to grow and thrive
Dream of becoming a high value business coach, but you don’t know where to start
Feel growing your coaching business has become frustrating and stressful
Wish you had a proven process to use so you could stop reinventing the wheel
Crave the confidence that comes with the ability to get consistent, repeatable results

Then The Pumpkin Plan Certification and Training Program is your solution!

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