What’s Old Is New Again

Remember when Brussels sprouts sucked?  Your mom would surprise you with those mini cabbages, and you would try to hide them under your potatoes.

Brussels sprouts were gross, outdated, and anything but in demand.  At least they were back then.  Now they are having a great come back.

The recurring pattern of life is what is old becomes new again.  The old Ford Mustang design from the mid-60’s has come back in style.  Small houses, small cars, and even small meals are slowly coming back into vogue.  And that once lame brussel sprout, because of a few new tasty recipes, is dominating the grocer’s vegetable isle.  What is old is new again.

What is old in your industry?  What is no longer cool?  What is outdated?  What could be freshened up with a different approach, a different vantage point or different technology? Seek out the old in your industry and make it new.

Written by:

Mike Michalowicz