The One Thing You Must Learn To Be Successful

I was visiting a local college campus to speak to entrepreneur students.  During this particular trip I had my friend, JB, in tow.

As we walked into the building where I was to speak, we passed a packed classroom. JB glanced in and said “There’s the best student.”  I thought it was a curious thing to say, but said nothing in response.  The next room we passed JB said it again, “Yep! Over there,  That’s the best student.”  As we passed the third room, JB made yet another “best student” comment.

“What are these ‘best student’ observations all about?” I asked.

“Mike, it’s really easy to identify the best student in any room,” JB responded.

“Is it the student sitting in the front of the class room?  Is it the one taking the most notes?  Or is it something more subtle?  Maybe how they are dressed or the glasses that they wear,” I questioned.

“No. It is none of that. The best student, is always the teacher.  The people who care most about the subject, the people who study the subject the most, are inevitably the people who teach it,” JB explained.

Never forget that.  The best student is the teacher.

What do you crave to teach? It is what you crave to learn. It is what you will ultimately master.  What you feel compelled to contribute is what you desire in return.

Me?  I want to teach people the power of authentic entrepreneurship. I want to guide entrepreneurs to the richness in happiness, meaning and wealth that comes through authenticity. And, alas, that is what I am mastering for myself.

Written by:

Mike Michalowicz

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  1. Donna
    Donna says:

    This post brings me back to my college days, the first time a professor told me he had learned something from me. It’s an exhilarating feeling, and it still is, every time someone says that to me! But I also know that every client or person that I help in some way teaches me something as well. It’s a beautiful thing, and something that we should always remember. I do believe the road to success involves being a lifelong learner and teacher.

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