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Align With Your Immutable Laws to Transform Your Business and Life

If you want to transform your business from one that frustrates and exhausts you every day to one that fulfills your dreams and aligns with your life goals, then you will want to read about Glen Rosciano and his journey from overworked plumber to the CEO of a thriving plumbing company that fulfills his sense of purpose.

Glen experienced this profound transformation by discovering and implementing his Immutable Laws, which are your most deeply held core values. These are the values that don’t change for you, the values that you live by and run your business by.

Glen’s Story Could be Your Story

Throughout his career, Glen Rosciano was a dedicated, hardworking plumber. In 2018 he decided to start his own business, Westover Plumbing. Like many small business owners, he was often the only person working in his business, as he struggled to find good employees.

Glen’s days were filled with the grind of a one-person operation. He couldn’t imagine a time where he wouldn’t be doing the work, rolling up his sleeves and working under houses to install and fix their plumbing.

Glen faced many common challenges, including finding employees that were reliable, working crazy long hours and dealing with constant price pressure from customers and prospective customers.

He often felt like his company was out of sync with his values and the way he wanted to do business. But he wasn’t sure what to do about it.

Then he met Dhiresha Marshall. Dhiresha is an experienced business success coach and a Certified Pumpkin Plan Strategist.

One of the first things that Dhiresha and Glen did together was to figure out his Immutable Laws (core values), a key step in the Pumpkin Plan process.

The Discovery Process

personal compass core valuesEverything changed for Glen when he discovered his Immutable Laws. These guiding principles became the foundation on which he built a business that is not only thriving but also reflects his values and beliefs.

Going through the Immutable Laws discovery process with Dhiresha, Glen determined the three main principles that he wanted to run his business by:

1. On Time Every Time
2. Promises Kept
3. Top-Notch Quality – Organized, Clean, and Prepared

These Immutable Laws became the compass that directs every aspect of Glen’s business and interactions.

Once he determined his Immutable Laws, Glen worked with Dhiresha to craft a company mission that aligned with his values and resonated with his clients.

Leading with Immutable Laws

How did Glen use his Immutable Laws to create such a dramatic transformation, you ask?

As he integrated his Immutable Laws into his business, he transitioned from a mindset of “taking every customer” to confidently saying no to clients who don’t align with his values and the way he wants to do business.

Instead of leading with price discussions, he now opens conversations and inquiries by sharing his Immutable Laws. He no longer haggles over his fees, because he knows he is delivering real value to customers. He only does work for those who appreciate the quality of his company’s work and the way that they deliver on their promises.

The shift has been impactful and remarkable – clients are no longer fixated on the cost of his services. They are drawn to the values that Glenn and his business embody. Prospects no longer ask about his prices up front and instead they ask when he is available to start the job! Problem clients and problem jobs are now a thing of the past.

Clone Your Best Clients

This newfound clarity has also enabled Glen to create a culture of excellence within his company, attracting like-minded employees and fostering customer relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

As he worked with Dhiresha through The Pumpkin Plan process, Glen was able to identify and clearly define who his ideal clients are. Knowing who your best clients are enables you to focus on attracting more just like them into your business. Glen has been able to craft a message that embodies how he does business in a way that appeals to the kind of clients he wants to work with. Those who are just looking for the cheapest labor they can find will go elsewhere, and that is fine with Glen!

A Culture of Excellence

Using the Pumpkin Plan Strategies, Glen has fostered a sense of empowerment and positivity within his company.

With Dhiresha’s support, he has set up systems and processes and real accountability for his employees. This has enabled him to confidently delegate more and more responsibilities to his team members. He is now able to take days off and even full vacations, knowing that his customers are in good hands with his highly capable team and they are upholding his company values. Glen has successfully transitioned from being a solo business owner doing all of the work himself to becoming the CEO of a thriving plumbing company.

Glen received another bonus as well! In addition to the improvements in his business operations, his work with Dhiresha has sparked personal growth and greater emotional resilience. His feelings of frustration and disappointment with his business have subsided, and he is now able to view setbacks as opportunities for growth rather than insurmountable obstacles.

This newfound sense of inner peace has translated into tangible success for Glen and his business, resulting in real growth, financial prosperity, and the ability to contribute to his local community as well.

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