The Slow Kiss of Death for a Small Business

It’s the same problem, and I hear it over and over from small business owners. Quite honestly, I’m very worried for those of you struggling with this.

Here’s the problem: It seems so hard to find good-quality people to hire that you hang on to marginal employees just so you have a warm body doing some of the things you need done.

You know you’re not getting the best out of these employees. They don’t go the extra mile for your customers, even though you’ve had “that talk” repeatedly in staff meetings.  The truth is, they do just enough to get by. Plus, they often make mistakes that cost you lots of money in re-work. What’s worse….they may even be driving your best customers away. Ouch!!

Here is the harsh truth: If you continue to operate this way, eventually your business will die. Small businesses that hang on to too many marginal performers for too long fail.

That’s why it is an absolute MUST that you identify the right strategies for your business to find and attract A-Players. A-Players are resourceful. You can count on them. They find a way through and around problems, day in and day out. They go the extra mile for your customers. One A-Player can do the work of nine to twelve C or D Players.

Here are 3 Tips to Help You Attract A-Players to Work for You in 2015:

1) When an employee quits, keep the position open until you find an A-Player to fill the position. Don’t settle for a “warm body” just to fill the position. Instead, let your team know you want to hire a team player who is going to step up and help them. They will appreciate that and often are willing to pitch in until you fill the position. It may take some time to find the right person, but it’s worth it in the long-term.

2) Ask your best employees who they know who might be a good fit to work for you. A-Players hang together so it is very likely your best employees know other A-Players.

3) Have the courage to fire employees who repeatedly make mistakes, undermine team goals and have a poor attitude. Keeping these employees around will drive your best employees away and deter A-Players from applying for your open positions. Start building your reputation now as a “Great Place to Work!” In a year, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see the quality of your applicants improving and hearing applicants say they chose to apply with you because of your reputation as a great place to work.

Yes, you can attract A-Players, even if you are in a rural area. I’m here to help you if this is a priority for you in 2015.

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Sabrina Starling, Tap the PotentialWritten by:

Dr. Sabrina Starling