The Secret to Low Stress Productivity for Overworked Entrepreneurs

Picture this: it’s late at night, and you’re working to finish up a presentation that’s due tomorrow. You’re exhausted and you know you’re not doing your best work, but it can’t be helped. You have to just get it done. Can you feel the stress?

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5 Reasons for Disengaged Employees (2 may surprise you!)

If you’re like most small business owners, you watch your bottom-line closely. Payroll is typically one of the largest expenses in a small business. It’s also the source of a significant hidden cost—employee disengagement. During the Pumpkin Plan 1-Day Kickstart, I walked our participants through calculating the cost of employee disengagement in their small businesses.

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Liberate yourself from your business… with process

As business owners, we often hear about the importance of implementing processes and systems in our business to create a standardized, professional company that is not dependent on the owner or specific key people. However, for many small businesses, the question of how to effectively implement processes is very real and challenging. Actually it can be like a black hole – most small business owners have some idea of how to implement a process and what it entails, but when they actually start to apply it in their companies, they get only frustration, or at best, good results in the short-term and long-term disappointment.

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Breaking Free from the Survival Trap

Day in, day out, I see business owners trapped in the survival trap. It’s painful to watch and I try to throw out a lifeline whenever possible.  What’s challenging is that when we’re in the survival trap, our attention is so focused on surviving, we miss—and sometimes even intentionally pass up—opportunities to get ourselves out of this trap.

La realidad acerca de la implementación de procesos en las PYMES

(For our Spanish speaking readers, from our Latin American expert…)

Todo el tiempo escuchamos por todos lados la importancia de implementar procesos en las empresas para tener una empresa estandarizada, profesionalizada y que no dependa del dueño o de ciertas personas clave. Sin embargo, hablando de las PYMES y de la realidad en cuanto a la implementación de procesos, surge una gran incertidumbre en cuanto a cómo implementar de manera efectiva procesos en una PYME. En realidad es como un agujero negro, si bien la mayoría de las personas pudieran tener una idea de lo que es implementar un proceso, a la hora de hacerlo en sus empresas, la mayoría únicamente obtiene frustraciones al tratar de hacerlo o en el mejor de los casos buenos resultados en el corto plazo y decepción en el mediano y largo plazo.

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How to Say “No” When it’s Not So Simple

I often find myself discussing the importance of saying “no” with busy, stressed out business owners. In fact, just the other day, one of my Provendus peers was coaching me through a tough decision and he reminded me of the value of saying “no.” Ouch!

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Are You Using Your Small Business Communication Advantage?

It is amazing how many small businesses do not take advantage of having a small staff in one office. If they don’t communicate regularly with their employees, small businesses will have the same problems with misunderstandings and miscommunication as large, multi-national corporations do.

Grow Within Your Sweet Spot

Step it Up

Imagine overhearing one of your employees saying this to another employee. How nice would it be to have your employees holding one another accountable to high standards of performance and customer care? Does that sound too good to be true? It’s not. It really is possible.

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The Secret To Hiring the Perfect Employee

Scaling your business for growth requires hiring people to get the work done. Yet, so many business owners get stuck here.